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Take this Crypto Security Self-Audit & WIN up to $6,900 in prizes. Finally a way to easily verify how secure your crypto really are.

How secure are your crypto really? Sponsored by NGRAVE, EFANI, Hacken, Unstoppable Domains, Iotex, & CryptoAtlas.

Under the slogan “It is time to face yourself. How secure are your crypto really?”, NGRAVE has partnered up with EFANI, Hacken, Unstoppable Domains, Crypto Atlas and Iotex (with Ucam) to create a very accessible yet thorough crypto security self-audit for anyone holding cryptocurrencies. …

The BetProtocol projects enables entrepreneurs and developers to create and manage gaming platforms in minutes by providing several tools and technology. No coding required. BetProtocol’s vision is to use blockchain technology to make gaming platforms secure, scalable and regulatory compliant, thereby achieving a new standard in online gaming tech. BEPRO provides a fully customizable white label solution for crypto-enabled online casinos, Esports betting apps, sports books, slots, and more.

“Whereas BetProtocol makes it easier for gaming and betting platforms to become more secure and auditable, by plugging them into the power of blockchain technology, it is NGRAVE who takes care…

UTU introduces new and unique ways to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness using a proprietary trust infrastructure that accesses contextually relevant on- as well as off-chain data to provide trusted creditworthiness assessments.

UTU’s trust oracles can assess a borrower’s creditworthiness using data from social graphs and other contextual factors. With this additional layer of trust, DeFi borrowers can borrow by providing lower collateral amounts. Moreover, UTU’s recommendation engine can allow both lenders and borrowers to better assess the other party and therefore make a more secure decision. So in a nutshell, whereas in DeFi, the majority of cases are overcollateralized, UTU’s…

Utrust is one of the leading cryptocurrency payment solutions designed to modernize the finance and payments industry and to solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant transactions, buyer protection and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant. As such, it features more automation than its competitors, merchants always see fiat, and all of this for a 1% flat fee. Just like NGRAVE, it is one of those few solutions that thinks end to end and optimizes all processes along the way.

The Utrust platform went live in 2019 when football club S.L. Benfica came on board as the…

Want to HODL gold in the most secure way possible? VRO is a 100% gold-backed stablecoin AND supported by the NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet

VeraOne and NGRAVE have joined forces to enable holding VRO — the 100% gold-backed token created by VeraOne — as cold as it gets. NGRAVE ZERO will start shipping in Q4 2020 and will support VRO from the outset.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Follow these easy steps to elevate your online security today

Hackers wreak havoc around the world as they go after people’s money and sensitive data. They have various tools at their disposal, including automated scripts, that enable them to attack your computer every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. And if you are a cryptocurrency owner, then you’re giving cyber-criminals one more reason to target you as over two-thirds of breaches are financially motivated.

That’s why it’s essential that you adopt the best security practices, known as cybersecurity hygiene, and increase your…

These hot wallet hacks show why cold wallets are a must-have tool

Crypto wallets are an essential mechanism for sending and receiving digital coins. They come in different forms and those that connect to the internet and are accessed through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices are known as hot wallets.

They’re easy to set up and can be used to move funds quickly, which is especially important to traders and other frequent users. Crypto exchanges that store your funds in their digital infrastructure can also be considered as hot wallet providers.

But constant connectivity is also a major…

Breaking all records, unleashing Boundless Gold, NGRAVE’s security self-audit and one more week!

Hi there,

Happy to have you reading in on our weekly digest. Here, we share our moments — good and bad — so you can keep a pulse on the campaign and the emotions we go through.

So let’s dive right into the crazy events of last week!

PS: We are live on Indiegogo and on fire!

1. Breaking all records

This past week, we not only broke through the 1000 backers mark and reached our ultimate campaign stretch goal “Boundless Gold” at 300K€, we just kept going. Currently, we are…

Crossing 800 backers and closing in on a 10X on our campaign goal, unlocking the FROZEN SILVER edition, and much more

Hi there,

Happy to have you reading in on our weekly digest. Here, we share our moments — good and bad — so you can keep a pulse on the campaign and the emotions we go through.

So let’s dive right into the crazy events of last week!

PS: We are live on Indiegogo and on fire!

1. The traction is on!

The past week was again epic, with the campaign reaching 800 backers and counting. Thank you legends of batch ZERO!

Here is…

We reached a new stretch goal, and with that a new special edition color is unlocked!

Yesterday evening, we crossed the 200KEUR funding mark and with that a new campaign stretch goal is unlocked. What really happened yesterday was the following:

You know us, we always go colder. We woke up, looked at the horizon. And we noticed something flashing in the light of the cold midwinter sun. We walked through the snow in an attempt to get a better view of this enigmatic, glorious glimpse. And there it was…

Frozen Silver

Singular and Strong

A Spatiotemporal Marvel

Smoldering in the Snow

Stainless Steel and Silver Stone

To Safeguard

Your Cryptographic Soul

Here is an overview…


The World’s Most Secure Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet | Start Truly Owning What Is Yours | #OwnYourAssets | #TheColdestWallet |

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